Submit a Guest Comic/Fan Art

I don’t want to make a whole comic I just want to submit some fan art.
No problem. Just e-mail your fan art to colin.buffum (at) and let me know your name and website.
If you want to submit a comic just keep reading.

You want me to make a comic for you?

What are the requirements?
The only thing we really require is that you keep your comic in (somewhat) good taste and that the width of your comic is around 850 pixels.

Should my comic be about anything specific?
Nope! Just draw about whatever you want. The only thing we require is that they’re a one-shot (only takes one day to tell). If you want your comic can involve SBboard characters, but we don’t require it.

Okay my comic is done. How do I get it to you?
Sweet balls it’s so easy! All you have to do is send your comic to…

colin.buffum (at)

And include your name and website address! If you don’t have a website that’s alright, we just want to give you as much credit as possible.

Okay I sent my comic to you. Now what?
Your comic will be posted on the Secret Beautiful Boards (a secret underground society) and the group will decide on whether or not your comic will be posted. Don’t worry, odds are it’ll get the OK. If it’s approved it’ll be posted the next Sunday in the Mystery Box. Good work, fatty!