SBbrawl, for a long time, was a running gag among SBboard creators. We’d often joke about how excited we were for this upcoming game that we all knew was never going to be created.

The idea for the game was essentially a Super Smash Bros. clone but with SBboard characters. I’ll admit it’s a pretty neat idea to imagine Psychic Rock fighting alongside Wezzle and Allen.

Anyways so eventually the idea got passed down to our good friend Hinch. If you’re familiar with SBboard you probably recognize Hinch’s name from the FedUp series. Hinch is the only one of our friend’s with the knowledge to make a real game, so for a long time we pestered and pestered him with our idea to make SBbrawl. Awhile back he actually made it. Yeah I know, amazing!

So here it is in all its glory: SBbrawl