Popping by to post the last page of this scene.

I know Floatillion has been absent for a while, but it will continue, except¬†not in a single page per update format. Instead I’m going to finish a whole scene and then post the whole thing all at once. I’m not sure when the next update will be, since I’ve never done it this way before, but I’m going to shoot for monthly. Look for it at the end of February.

I’ve never been super satisfied with the process of doing things one page at a time, I think it negatively impacts both my writing and the reading experience. It works great for gag strips, but for story-based strips it’s just awkward reading it all piecemeal like that. I’ve never been able to keep up with a story strip that updates page by page for very long, and so, in the interest of making something that I would want to read, I’m going to try it this way instead.

I’ll post updates on my twitter @floatillion as well as on the facebook SBboard page

Thanks for reading!